Google Mars-500

Simulated Human Spaceflight to Mars


Start your flight to Mars

Scientists have not yet determined whether there is life on Mars. They have also never been there to find out. A roundtrip flight to the Red Planet would take about two years. Would a human be able to withstand such a challenge? This question has constantly been on our minds, and now a manned mission to Mars is not science fiction any more.

The Mars-500 experiment, in which 6 volunteers will stay in a confined simulated spacecraft for about 500 days, will provide an answer to this question. To experience what the flight to Mars is like, visit the new Google project. You'll be able to watch detailed video reports about Mars-500 and take a virtual tour of Mars. Walk along the Valles Marineris canyons, climb the Olympus Mons, take a peek into the Gusev crater or climb down into one of Mars' lakes.

Renowned Russian Science Fiction writers including Sergey Lukyanenko, Alexander Gromov, Dmitry Kolodan and others will be composing a novel about the experience during the simulation. Each week, one of them will add a chapter to the novel. Read and dream with us!

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