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What are the challenges?

The first non-trivial challenge is building a lunar base. Google began drawing up plans for the construction of a lunar facility in the Copernicus Crater early in 1998, when the company's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were still graduate students at Stanford University. Applying a Patel extrapolation to Rosing linear projections, Page and Brin predicted that every man, woman and child on earth would be conducting at least seven searches a day by the year 2018. While their projections correctly predicted random spikes in search traffic due to wardrobe malfunctions, they failed to adequately factor in the hyperbolic trajectory of Britney Spears, which accelerated the rate of global search growth by a factor of seven.

Google's initial base, a spherical structure containing living quarters and a small data center, will take two and a half years to construct. This first G.C.H.E.E.S.E ball has been christened "the Googlunaplex" and will be populated by a dedicated cadre of software engineers, hardware operations technicians, cable installers, quantum mechanics and space planners. Google is firmly committed to using only earth-originated staffers and no jobs will be outsourced to lunar residents or those from other planetary systems unless the skill sets they offer cannot be easily replicated by native born terrestrials.

The Googlunaplex will house 35 engineers, 27,000 low cost web servers, 2 massage therapists and a sushi chef formerly employed by the pop group Hanson.




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