Top Misspelled Queries
January 2001

     1. inaguration > inauguration

     2. presidental > presidential

America searches for "dale earnhardt" and "nascar" as a nation mourns the loss of a racing legend.

Searchers respond to the seattle earthquake, which occured on February 28.

Big crashes on the Google Zeitgeist as the mir space station returns to Earth and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman announce divorce.

Searches for "carol brady maiden name" coincide with the East and West coast airing of the million dollar question on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

Important dates in May: Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Elezioni (Italian election day)

European sporting events top Google's gaining queries.

1. wimbledon
2. tour de france
3. british open

Webvan closes its doors.

The Powerball Lottery reaches $295 million.

For Google search statistics from September 11th, click here. Nostradamus becomes the number one overall search term and the most misspelled query for the month.

Top Searches related to the war on terrorism:
1. daisy cutter
2. bunker buster
3. AC 130
4. diego garcia
5. afghanistan
xbox vs. playstation 2 vs. gamecube

Top Holiday Searches

     1. christmas

     2. navidad

     3. hanukkah

     4. weihnachtskarten

     5. adventskalender

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50% of the top 10 gaining queries were related to Chinese New Year, which occured January 24th.

"all your base are belong to us" phenomenon debuts on the Google Zeitgeist.

America searches for "ellis island" and its roots as the archive of immigration records goes online.
French users search for information on the French reality television show loft story.

Timothy McVeigh is executed after reading the poem "invictus" as his final words.

Searches for Chandra Levy
Code red virus attacks computers around the world. Users search for "aaliyah" as fans remember the young singer.
Patriotism grips the country following the tragedy as the nation searches for "american flag".

Top Google Image searches related to the tragedy

Life goes on with the World Series.

Top Retailers
1. best buy
2. circuit city
3. walmart
4. toys r us

World pays tribute to passing of rock n' roll legend, george harrison.

Top translations for JRR Tolkien's classic - 2001

     1. lord of the rings

     2. herr der ringe

     3. le seigneur des anneaux