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For both breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google at With a bit of analysis, this flurry of searches often exposes interesting trends, patterns, and surprises.

On a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis, this Google Zeitgeist page will be updated to reflect lists, graphs, and other tidbits of information related to Google user search behavior.

Top 10 Gaining Queries
Composite for June 2001

     1. angelina jolie

     2. morpheus

     3. wimbledon

     4. california lottery

     5. cricket

     6. josh hartnett
     7. timothy mcveigh
     8. james bulger
     9. orbitz
   10. paula poundstone
Top 10 Declining Queries
Composite for June 2001

     1. loft story

     2. general motors

     3. elezioni

     4. douglas adams

     5. sulfnbk.exe

     6. niki taylor
     7. aimster
     8. Kate Beckinsale
     9. sopranos
   10. spencer tunick
Operating Systems Used to Access Google - June 2001
pie chart
Languages Used to Search Google- June 2001
pie chart

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Top 5 Napster Alternatives
June 2001

     1. Morpheus

     2. Audiogalaxy

     3. Imesh

     4. Mp3Pro

     5. Aimster
Top 5 Misspelled Queries
June 2001

     1. ticket master

     2. wimbeldon

     3. morpheous

     4. victoria secret

     5. anna kornikova

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