Google Translate for Animals

Introducing Translate for Animals (beta): Bridging the gap between animals and humans

Making the world’s information universally accessible is a key goal for Google. Language is one of our biggest challenges so we have targeted our efforts on removing language barriers between the species. We are excited to introduce Translate for Animals, an Android application which we hope will allow us to better understand our animal friends. We’ve always been a pet-friendly company at Google, and we hope that Translate for Animals encourages greater interaction and understanding between animal and human.

Translate for Animals is an application for Android phones that recognises and transcribes words and phrases that are common to a species, like cats for example. To develop Translate for Animals, we worked closely with many of the world’s top language synthesis teams, and with leaders in the field of animal cognitive linguistics, including senior fellows at the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

To remove Translate for Animals, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Animal Translate and select “Uninstall”.

To get the app on your Android phone, use a barcode scanning application to download directly from this QR code.

Or simply search for Translate for Animals on Android Market.

Watch the video below to learn more about
Translate for Animals.

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