We searched to understand

The political and humanitarian crises of 2014 raised many questions, with 'history of gaza' and 'history of crimea' spiking by 14x.

Conflict and crisis in 2014

Searching to make sense

Our need to educate ourselves and place events was reflected in search, as 'nigeria map' more than doubled following the actions of Boko Haram. When the situation in Ukraine unfolded, searches for 'where is crimea' spiked over 8x, while global searches for 'ceasefire' doubled from last year.

An instant reaction

Peaks in search showed people responded quickly to traumatic news. Key events in global conflicts compelled the world to learn more and weigh the facts.

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The Islamic State, also called IS, ISIS or ISIL, was highly searched this year. The group dominated the headlines after a series of attacks against civilians, causing thousands to flee their homes.

When ISIS began to besiege the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani in September, its name jumped in search by 30x, and 'where is kobani' peaked.

'where is yanukovych'

In February Ukraine appeared to be on the brink of war. Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine, fled the capital later that month, leading to a peak as people searched for his whereabouts.

Crimea crisis

In March as a result of events in Crimea, the number of searches about the peninsula spiked 3x globally.

Bring Back Our Girls

The kidnapping of 273 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram caused a worldwide outcry, and a campaign to raise awareness was launched. After US First Lady Michelle Obama showed her support, 'bring back our girls' jumped over 200x.

The most searched conflicts in the Middle East:

  1. Israel
  2. Palestine
  3. Syria
  4. Iraq
  5. South Sudan
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"All voices are valuable. Everyone. And all women and girls must be heard."

Searches for 'women in conflict' peaked in June as Angelina Jolie co-chaired the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Remembering the past, lest we forget

2014 marked the centenary of the beginning of the First World War. Searches for 'world war I' quadrupled on July 28, the anniversary of the day the conflict began, and 'buy a poppy' peaked 13x.