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Managing our lives through mobile devices

In January 2014 'add reminder' trended as new phone functionality helped us prepare for the year ahead.

Mobile technology

Phones, consumer drones and wearable tech

Five of the top 100 global trends in 2014 were for phones, with Apple, Samsung and Nexus leading the way. This year also saw increased searches for wearable technology and lightweight HD cameras, as well as the emergence of remote-controlled consumer drones.

What does the future hold?

Product launches prompted a 3x rise in searches for 'wearable tech' this year. There was also a buzz of activity for 'quantum computer' as technologists continued to develop alternative processing power.

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'wearable computer'
'quantum computer'

'Wearable tech' refers to clothing and accessories that allow users to understand and measure their movement, location and heart rate and even their sleep patterns.

'Drones' received a jump in search interest this year. Consumer drones are remote-controlled flying vehicles, normally powered by multiple rotor blades, and can be equipped with high-definition cameras.

Fitter and faster

Mobile apps continued to help us get active. Strava, the most searched fitness app, saw a 1.5x jump on last year, and queries for 'directions to' increased as people looked to find their way.


The eighth-highest search related to flying devices was for this new social network where users take breathtaking virtual tours of towns and cities around the world.

Heavenly fireworks

Fresh ideas are changing how we view our surroundings. This video, taken from a staggering angle, grabbed the attention of many.

Top five trending GoPro videos in 2014:

  1. Shark
  2. Superman
  3. Lion
  4. Volcano
  5. Pelican
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Everyday charity

The nonprofit app Instead encourages you to swap out something small each day and to micro-donate the savings. Searches were 17x higher than for similar ventures.

Stories on the go

A decade since the inception of podcasts, Serial has taken the world by storm with a return to old-fashioned storytelling. In a twist, the accuser, Jay, was more searched than the convicted, Adnan.