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Robin Williams had the greatest increase in search of any one person in 2014

Robin Williams

July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

Robin Williams left a huge legacy in movies, comedy and kindness. Searches for his most memorable character, Mrs. Doubtfire, came out on top. He won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Good Will Hunting, performed standup in front of over 100,000 US troops and raised millions of dollars for charity.

A new openness about depression

The impact of his death was so great that it prompted people to seek information about mental health. Searches for 'depression’ increased by 3x, followed by ‘depression symptoms' and 'depression test.'

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He lit up so many lives

Searches for family favorite 'genie aladdin' jumped 11x after Williams died. He ad-libbed so much of his performance that the movie was denied a nomination for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.

"The brightest star in our comedy galaxy."

Comedian and friend, Billy Crystal, describing Williams at this year's Emmy Awards.

Williams' own tribute...to golf

Alongside his stellar movies, Robin Williams enjoyed a glittering standup career. Both 'robin williams standup' and 'robin williams golf' were among the top searches related to the star.

Nanu nanu

Williams' breakthrough performance in Mork & Mindy, his most searched TV show, was a memorable mix of eccentric brilliance and spaceship eggs.

From drama to joy, his top five searched movies:

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire
  2. Dead Poets Society
  3. Good Will Hunting
  4. Jumanji
  5. Patch Adams
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The Lost Boys' battle cry spiked 10x as we revisited Williams' performance in Hook and stepped back into Neverland.

Thank you Robin, for all the moments of joy and laughter.