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'how' more than anything

Among all the hows, whos, whats, whys and whens we searched in 2014, 'how' took first place, appearing 8x more than 'who.'

Searching for love

The question on everyone's lips

It seems love does make the world go round. This year, 'what is love' topped the question charts with 5x more searches than 'what is science.' But when it comes to puckering up, we like a bit of guidance and searched 'how to kiss' more times than any other activity, including 'how to survive.'

A date to remember

Of all the world's seasons and celebrations, we have the most trouble remembering 'when is easter,' closely followed by 'when is halloween,' with searches steadily increasing the closer each holiday gets.

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'when is easter'
'when is halloween'

Easter falls on a different date each year, which might account for its dominance in search. As the holiday approached, searches for 'where to buy chicks' flew sky high.

Also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve, Halloween focuses on using humor to confront the power of death. Around the holiday, 'ghost sightings' and 'hauntings' peaked in search.

Where on Earth

If you have a poor sense of direction, you’re among friends. 'Where am I' topped the world’s most asked 'where' questions, closely followed by 'where is sochi.'

Was it something I said?

We want to feel wanted, especially when it comes to social media. In 2014, we were 2x more likely to search 'who unfollowed me' as 'who called me.'

Life, the internet and everything...

In moments of existential crisis, we looked to the internet for answers, with 'what is life' and 'who am i' featuring high on our list of questions.

Top questions about the Internet in 2014:

  1. Who invented the internet?
  2. What is the internet?
  3. When was the internet invented?
  4. How fast is my internet?
  5. Why is my internet so slow?
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After 'ebola', searches for 'diabetes,' 'pregnancy' and 'flu symptoms' appeared most on our list of medical questions.

tbh, it's confusing

It was a year of baffling abbreviations, with 'wcw' and 'tbt' vying for first place. But of the many acronyms that confused us, 'what is ALS' stole the short-form show.