FameJames Rodríguez

James David Rodríguez Rubio

It was his first chance to shine on the world stage, and searches for him grew more than for any other player during the World Cup.

Colombia’s golden boy

A dream tournament

After scoring twice in two matches, James Rodríguez became the star of the first team. His stunning Goal of the Tournament against Uruguay made him the player to watch. He finished as top scorer, making the FIFA All-Star Team, before landing a move to Real Madrid.

Rodríguez rising

Two points capped a spectacular year for James: his goal against Uruguay and his transfer to Real Madrid.

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Goal vs Uruguay
Signs with Real Madrid
'james rodriguez'


Searches for 'how to pronounce james rodriguez' were higher in 2014 than in previous years. Despite being named after James Bond, the star pronounces his first name in the Spanish style: "hamez."

"I can return to my country happy...I'm crying because we gave everything we had inside of us."

We searched for 'james rodriguez crying' after Colombia lost to Brazil.


Four months later, his goal against Granada in La Liga was his most searched goal of the year.

Top clubs linked to James Rodríguez in search this summer:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Liverpool
  3. Chelsea
  4. PSG
  5. Juventus
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Big bug

Unperturbed by his mid-game visitor, Rodríguez scored his penalty against Brazil, and the hefty hopper scored high in search.

'james rodriguez dancing'

Not content with being a good-looking, talented, rich, international soccer player, he dances as well. It was one of our top searches for the World Cup star.