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Not content with victory, fans searched for records

When Germany was up 5-0 at half-time against Brazil, searches in Germany for 'highest world cup victory' rocketed.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

June 12 – July 13

The all-time highest-scoring semifinal ended 7-1 to Germany, just short of the record nine-goal margin set by Hungary in 1954 and 1982, and Yugoslavia in 1974. After 64 games, 171 goals and over 2.2 billion searches, 'world cup 2014' was the third-highest peak in search and the most searched sporting event in history.

Standout matches

Tournament-defining games live on in memory. These were the three that captured our attention most in 2014.

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'brazil v germany'
'netherlands v argentina'
'brazil v croatia'

Argentina defeated Holland on penalties in the second semifinal. It was a little less exciting than the first, a fact reflected in search as the game was outclassed by the Brazil v Germany game over 2x.

The opening game of the tournament gave us plenty to talk about as Brazil finished 3-1 winners against Croatia. After its initial spike, the game continued to trend for another two weeks.

Psychic Paul?

During the World Cup, global searches for French midfielder Paul Pogba were 40x those for Paul the Octopus, who had a knack for predicting the correct outcome of games in South Africa 2010.

And soccer outjumped basketball

Even in the US, the World Cup outperformed the NBA Finals in search by 10x.

The tournament's top trending players:

  1. James Rodriguez
  2. Luis Suárez
  3. Ángel Di María
  4. Tim Howard
  5. Toni Kroos
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Más nervioso que...

As the match against Brazil went to penalties, searches in Chile for the phrase 'more nervous than...' jumped 4x before Chile’s eventual defeat.

In the end, we looked to the future. Following France’s exit from the Cup, searches for 'euro 2016' peaked...à bientôt!

Incidentally, the next tournament in which France competes will be hosted by the French themselves, 16 years after they won the competition for the second time.